Is Covid-19 Being Used As Cover For Power Grabs?

Yes, imo, but it’s not a question of whether the government is doing it or not, it’s a question of which governments are doing it and which aren’t. I’d say the main threats to our rights come from local and state governments – what’s more, mostly it’s Democrats acting like they’re ruling over their own little fiefdoms.

There ARE potential problems coming from the DOJ regarding our rights, but everytime that becomes an issue (e.g. Jeff Sessions wanted to restart drug war) Trump gets involved and either hampers or outright stops the moves they make; he very much IS the safegaurd I thought I was voting for in 2016.

Have yet to be truly disappointed by him on any level so far during his presidency, especially on things like this, so I kind of doubt he’s going to start fucking up now. Barr works for him, not the other way around, Sessions found that out, and push comes to shove so will William Barr.

And just imagine if Hillary Clinton had been president during this.

The behavior of several cities and states, infringing on individual rights, would be going on federally, across the country, and we would probably be at the beginning of a years-long lockdown – assuming she listened to “experts” on timeline projections, and she would have cuz most of what she knows how to do is paying people to tell her what to say.

Trump’s Discredited Accusers Won’t Protect Biden From Tara Reade Or Any Of His Other Victims

Just to make it clear to those who haven’t figured it out yet, none of us Trump supporters are afraid to go after Joe Biden for the sexual assault allegations. You think we’re scared cuz of allegations against Trump?

If so you’re in for a brutally rude awakening; I can go through the whole list of Trump accusers one by one if you want, explaining with each individual accusation the breakdown of why it’s horse shit, not credible. And before you bring up how many there are on Trump, let’s not forget Tara Reade is Biden’s 8th accuser, she’s not the first.

They’re on even footing when it comes to sheer number, the pile on tactic is in play in both cases, so you have to look at each individual accusation leveled at them and judge their credibility one by one – this is why attacking Joe Biden from this angle just doesn’t intimidate us.

When you look at the details and facts associated with each set of accusations, none of it actually makes Trump look bad. At all.

If anything it makes him look more innocent: one of the allegations against him was from a woman who claimed he had groped her at a concert that never took place, in a state he was verifiably not in at the time. That’s one of the more blatantly false accusations, but none of the rest hold up much better.

Biden on the other hand… well, if we were to go by the Democrat standards as they’ve attempted with people like Kavanaugh and Trump, he should never have entered the race. The accusations were around before he announced candidacy.

He announced anyways of course, refusing to let double standards stop him, but he’s not going to sidestep his way around this shit. We won’t let him; neither will his accusers.

Haphazard Expressions

This site is about to get a lot more content, and it’s going to be messy, but I have a tendency to keep adding to a post after I start writing it, and I get caught up in the perfectionists trap, putting in more effort than is really necessary on what does end up getting published, and ending up with a pile of stuff that’s probably fine it’s it’s in a pile of drafts cuz it’s not quite right yet, it needs tweaked a little bit more, the timing is off, public events will make it more relevant in a few days or a few weeks…

There’s always a reason, always an excuse, bottom line is I’m procrastinating on throwing my views out there to the world as frequently, heavily, and comprehensively as I would like.

That wasn’t really the intention here, and it’s killed the amount of post they’re published purchase what I had originally aimed for. A lot of life-changing shit has happened for me in the last few years too, but the culture war hasn’t stopped. In fact if anything it’s ramped up in the last few months.

Given that reality, I kind of feel like I need to be stepping it up a little bit and shooting my mouth off way more consistently. So if you want to see what the perspective of a modern Republican looks like, what my reaction from that standpoint is to the PR battles, street scuffles, and all the rest… sign up and stay tuned.

Our Movement Is Making Noise This Nation Truly Needs

Some people even on our own end of the political spectrum, sometimes especially ours, get really pissy about the noise and chaos of the Trump era, all the controversy and conflict the Presidents style and tactics generate… and I just don’t get it. I live for this shit. So does Trump himself by the looks of it, otherwise he prbly would’ve dropped out within a month of announcing his candidacy all the way back in ’15.

And listen, I get it if modern politics is too abrasive for you, too rough and tumble, if it’s too much of a strain on your delicate sensibilities, but here’s the thing: this is how you win. So to weak kneed Republicans out there in the mold of Romney, Bush, Kristol, or others of the like…

Get with it or get out of the way; you can try fighting us if you want to, bolstering Democrat efforts to undermine our party all along the way, but I would remind you that it’s us who aren’t afraid to make some noise and we’re the ones who know how to win. It’s the very thing you hate about us. That’s what you’re fighting with. As the last few years should have clearly demonstrated.

We love to fight, you hate it because you suck at it, so against us… you’re going to lose. Every time. And to any “neverTrumper” reading this who wants to step up and see if I can back up what I just said, feel free – the comments section is wide open.

Wuhan Virus – America’s Top 5 Worst Hit States

Most Infected

1. New York – 59,648 cases
2. New Jersey – 13,386 cases
3. California – 6,312 cases
4. Michigan – 5,486 cases
5. Massachusetts – 4,955 cases

Highest Death Tolls

New York – 965 deaths
Washington – 200 deaths
New Jersey – 161 deaths
Louisiana – 151 deaths
Michigan – 132 deaths

Mar. 29th, 2020 – COVID-19

I put this together on the date recorded, didn’t get around to publishing it here on my actual website, but I thought it was worth doing now simply to illustrate the point that from the beginning of this pandemic, all our problems here in America started and spiraled out to the rest of the country from Dem strongholds, states and cities they control. It’s not a coincidence.

America Should Decriminalize Marijuana Federally (Not State By State)

Used to agree with forcing the issue, legalizing it one state at a time, daring feds to fuck with players in the new weed industry, and forcing it further in court (state vs. fed).

I’m not entirely sure that was the wrong approach either tbh but… it’s a model Democrats later used to impliment sanctuary city and sanctuary state laws.

Seeing how much of an overstep in state authority that was, the direct defiance of legitimate federal law… it had me rethinking past state by state campaigns similarly designed to undermine legit federal authority.

One could say the federal laws on weed aren’t legitimate I guess but by the same token the state has no standing on the issue either.

Fact is it’s a problem existing in federal law, therefore should be addressed on a federal level in a straightforward manner. No need to muddy up the waters – to confuse the matter – by involving the states and creating the “state vs. fed” fight.

It’s a “fed vs. we the people” fight; obfuscating it with peripheral bullshit just makes it that much harder to win the battles that matter, or hell, to even get them started. In any case it’s gone as far as it needs to on that basis imho.

The campaign has grown to national proportions, has arguably existed on that scale for at least the last 6 years or so, and it’s time to start acting like it. Rather than pitting the federal government against a coalition of states opposed to it, I say consolidate and leverage the state by state efforts into a campaign focused on forcing Congress to change the federal laws themselves.

Cut the bullshit and get straight to the heart of the matter. It’s one thing for the state governments to act as checks on the federal, and vice-versa – it’s quite another to pit them against each other needlessly in a conflict that only distracts from the real issue at hand, the real conflict.

Enough with this beating around the bush bullshit; the war on drugs has been dead for a decade, isn’t it long past time we made it official.

Let’s finally end this shadowy, disingenuous prohibition that’s effectively existed against marijuana for the last 70 years in this country; it failed with alcohol, and it’s failed with this. No more pretending otherwise – it’s over.

I’m calling for this as a Republican, a Trump voter, and as an individualistic, freedom loving, hedonistic American stoner.

Re: Trump Calling The Virus A Hoax

Trump never said the coronavirus is a hoax; those who claim he did are blatantly lying. What he said was the behavior and encouragement of panic coming from Democrats was a hoax, and we should be realistic about this virus as it progresses.

He wasn’t calling the virus a hoax; that’s such a tired line already.

And the doomsday predictions were and are a hoax. In the news today, that scientist with the forecasting model who freaked everybody out is now saying he was way off, his model flawed, and it’s not going to be nearly as bad as he claimed.

Call it what you like. It’s a hoax.

Review – Hillary (Hulu Original)

I was kind of shocked to even learn of the existence of this before it was released, then ended up getting Hulu and decided to start watching.

The very idea of a failed presidential candidate like her, defeated and disgraced (she didn’t just lose, she lost badly, pompously acted like it was in the bag, then got egg on her face) is kind of sad.

Only thing I can figure is, she refuses to allow that huge, massive, gaping failure be the defining event of her life story. Doesn’t want that to be the end, the legacy she leaves.

I get that. I mean she’s one of the most successfully corrupt politicians in American history, but she’s still human. Problem is, a documentary recounting the whole experience isn’t likely to be strong enough to overshadow what really happened, nor is going over the loss yet again (e.g. looks behind the scenes, exclusive interviews, etc) going to help people forget she lost, or that the loss was epic. I’ll never forget.

It’s also possible the release date was set before the 2016 election was even over, as pro-Clinton propaganda to bolster her presumed re-election campaign in 2020. Her aim is probably the same either way. Reassert preferred narratives, rationalize failures…

Build a narrative counter to a legitimate Trump victory, obfuscate the reasons for her loss, pepper in excuses and rationalizations, ignore her own strategic failures and lack of stamina on the campaign trail, and reassert your place as one of the most awesomest public figures to ever grace United States politics.

Kinda what I’m expecting going into it anyways – about 20 minutes into the 1st episode and so far, that’s what I’m getting. And I don’t mean that as a knock either, at least not exclusively; based just on what little I’ve seen, it’s top-notch propaganda.

That said, until I’ve watched more that’s about all I have to say on it; these are just some of my thoughts going into it. I’m sure I’ll have more to say as I go and there are only four episodes, so whether I wrap this up in a “part 2” summarizing the whole season or go episode by episode in a 5 part review, expect more on this.

COVID-19 Vs. America’s Economy

To any Trump haters out there snickering about the negative economic effects we’re currently experiencing from the public’s over-reaction to the COVID-19 hype…

Tell me how it would have played out had Trump not rebuilt our economy and realigned our supply chains away from China before all this started to happen. You think we would have been in as good a shape as we are now without Trump?

If you think “yes”…

You need to think again.

J. Edgar Hoover Set The Precedent For How FBI Targeted Donald J. Trump

Was watching a portrayal of the infamous Kennedy family dynasty (The Kennedy’s, 2011) and I’m struck in the first few episodes by their rendition of J. Edgar Hoover.

How people on a mainstream level can acknowledge the guy operated the way he did for 30 years before JFK, tried turning that operation against the sitting president so he could keep running the FBI with an absolute lack of accountability…

How you can full well know that as a matter of historic fact, and be skeptical of the FBI doing essentially the same to Trump is mind boggling.

The only real difference between the two former FBI directors is, James Comey (unlike Hoover) was being puppeteered by other players, a willing pawn in their schemes.

Hoover didn’t seem to believe anyone truly out ranked him, he worked for himself – Comey took his cues from Obama and Clinton through Loretta Lynch. He worked with and for them; consequently, none of the wrongdoing or corruption he’s known to have engaged in (got him fired) can be separated from them imo.

Aside from handlers…

Comey violated privacy rights for corrupt purposes, tried (and re: Trump, failed) to collect blackmail material, and I think history is going to remember the FBI as run by James Comey as a pale, weak, failure prone imitation of the police state monstrosity run by Hoover.

Trump supporters like me already see it that way, and we’re pretty much just waiting for the rest of America to catch the fuck up.